We Design Best-In-Class Customer Loyalty Programs That Drive Revenue!

DBG Customer Loyalty Programs will allow your customers to earn rewards in a number of ways. DBG Customer Loyalty Programs will create a  program for you that will allow you to build greater consumer loyalty every day. Customer Loyalty Programs can be either points, cash back, or a combination of both depending on the goals of your program.

Your marketing strategy will largely drive the earn portion of your program.  Awarding points for spending, engagement, social following, and the other key behaviors which drive business for your company are the building blocks to your program.

Wikipedia defines a reward system as:

Reward system, a positive stimulus that can be presented in the process of reinforcing behavior.

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Customers are becoming more savvy every day with high expectations. They are fully aware that the margin on points exchanges and gas perks are not in their favor.  Gone are the days of  a catalog filled with over-priced toasters and magazines. Customers want redemption options which are also of value to them.   It should be a reward for being a loyalty customer.

Redemptions are made from full-merchant store selection. The more points they redeem, the more points they will want to earn. The DBG Customer Loyalty Program is a full rewards and points software platform.   If you want to engage your customers and keep them loyalty schedule a consultation with DBG Loyalty.

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It is important to use a consistent message with your consumers. Whether it be through traditional methods or social media, it is important for new acquisition and to keep them engaged. DBG Loyalty has become experts at maximizing your advertising dollars.   The trend in mobile spending is only increasing year after year.  It is no longer necessary to have a mobile app, but it is necessary to have a m.site or mobile site.   The demographic of your customer should be considered from the marketing plan all the way through the execution of your loyalty program.    Putting up a loyalty program that doesn’t have aspects and different engagement options for different demographics will fail.   The customers want choices.   The first device of choice for customers ages 18-30 is mobile followed closely be tablet.   The 55+ demographic is also highly engaged with mobile.  Customer Loyalty Programs are highly customized and designed based on your goals and marketing strategy.

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Who is DBG Loyalty?

DBG Loyalty is a leading innovator in loyalty and rewards marketing. DBG Loyalty was founded in 2002 because the industry was looking for a trusted technology leader who could develop and establish customer Loyalty Programs

DBG Customer Loyalty Programs

Integrate customer goals, marketing strategy, and customer engagement.
DBG Loyalty has customer relationships which span from the time of inception.  Customer Rewards Programs and Customer Loyalty Programs are our specialty.

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 Years in Business

What We Do.

DBG Loyalty designs, hosts, and maintains best-in-class customer loyalty programs which increase revenue, build brand awareness, and create customer interaction through dynamic marketing initiatives. DBG Loyalty’s engagement solutions help you stay competitive year after year.   The best customer loyalty programs and marketing strategy are formed as one.   Your marketing plan will be incorporated into your new loyalty program.

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Affiliate-Funded Rewards

Generate revenue and drive consumer loyalty at the same time. DBG Customer Loyalty Program’s targeted offers allow consumers to get what they are looking for, in cash back or points at the same time. Our program gives you the flexibility to create highly-engaging and configurable promotions to keep your top, and most valuable, consumers happy.

Coupon Portal

Customers can print and utilize grocery and manufacturer coupons, plus earn cash back or points. The coupon portal is just one more way for your program to generate revenue.  This is a great add on increasing the customer benefit and value to your customer loyalty program.

Call Center Support

DBG Loyalty’s Call Center is a multilingual, PCI-compliant, customer service-oriented center. Our solution solves the need for multi-lingual  support. The call center answers inbound calls as well as responds in writing to email inquiries. Our representatives are fully-trained on customer service, PCI requirements, security, and your business requirements.

DBG Loyalty Customer Loyalty Programs are custom programs with training for a wide variety of industries for the call center representatives.

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Stairway to success customer loyalty programs

Burn - Redemption

Gone are the days of catalogs filled with over-priced blenders and magazines. Customers want to use their points for the things they want and need. Cash is king, but sometimes the consumer takes cash because they don’t have other options. Your successful revenue-generating program will need to use a combination of both cash back and points.

Marketing Strategy and Campaign Management

Don’t be satisfied with low customer engagement. Just launching a program isn’t enough. Different consumers want to be contacted through different channels. DBG Customer Loyalty Programs will manage your marketing program to help you position deals and offers. Social media is a great way to get short-term offers to your consumer base. DBG Loyalty will also work to form partnerships with merchants who can enhance your program and engagement.

The loyalty program begins with your marketing plan.  The plan should easily be incorporated into your loyalty solution.  You loyalty program should enhance your marketing plan and be the solution for customer loyalty.

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.

Mobile, Social, Buy, Share, Gift

We believe staying close to our customers’ preferences is important. Our app is designed with your brand and customers in mind. Push custom offers and let your customers know you care! We also do campaign management. Send personalized special occasion emails and increase brand loyalty.  DBG customer loyalty programs give your customers choices and options.   The flexibility of the customer loyalty programs increase customer engagement.

Why DBG Loyalty

DBG Loyalty creates state-of-the-art customer loyalty programs that drive revenue, increase brand awareness and engage customers through unique marketing initiatives.

Loyalty Credit Card Program

Loyalty Credit Card and Cash Back Credit Cards can be incorporated in the the over all strategy of your customer loyalty program.  Double cash back and triple cash back are the top trending searches for customer loyalty card programs.  Targeted  and combined offers are delivered through email, online, text, and through site log in. We deliver relevant product and deals specific to preferences, shopping history and demographic.

Major Merchant Redemption

We partner with merchants who provide product worthy of your customers’ redemption of points. Merchant partners include many of the top U.S. merchants, including Walmart.   Redemption for gift cards including clothing merchants, fuel cards, and general visa card are among the highest redeemed items.

Local Deals and Offers

Customers have many options, providing them with deals, offers, coupons and redemption solutions guaranteed to keep them engaged. Local offers and local spending encompass a huge percentage of overall consumer spend.   Coupons and Coupon Codes can be positioned on the website, through email, and in private offers.

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