Join Us at Tech Trends in Retail 2015

Thursday, April 9, 1:30pm to 5pm
Magnolia Hotel, Pegasus Grand Ballroom


DBG Loyalty is presenting at Tech Trends 2015 Retail Event. The topic of the discussion will be: Engage Your Customers at Every Level, New Technology Trends.

The focus of the discussion will be on integrating your technology platform with a well-developed communication plan that includes email, social messaging, mobile messaging, online, and direct mail campaigns.

The discussion will focus on the importance of recognizing and rewarding your valuable customers as individuals.

Michael Hinshaw, author of “Smart Customers, ‘Stupid’ Companies,”  shared research from his book demonstrating that there is a surely disconnect among companies delivering and consumers consuming a customer experience or brand engagement. His data showed that corporate executives believe that 77% of their customer engagements have been favorable customer experiences, whereas only 3% of consumers believe that the experience they’ve had with a brand was favorable.

That is a large gap.

How can there be a gap this big? As corporations grow and companies become segmented it is quite easy. A good communication plan and a flexible and configurable technology platform are key to bridging the gaps from brand to perception.

DBG Loyalty is right on track to address all the top trends for 2015.

Forrester’s Top Trends For Customer Service In 2015:

  • Trend 1: Customers Embrace Emerging Channels To Reduce Friction.
  • Trend 2: Companies Will Explore Proactive Engagement.
  • Trend 3: Insights From Connected Devices Will Trigger Preemptive Service.
  • Trend 4: Knowledge Will Evolve From Dialogue To Cognitive Engagement.
  • Trend 5: Predictive Analytics Will Power Offers, Decisions, And Connections.
  • Trend 6: The Customer Service Technology Ecosystem Will Consolidate.

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2015

  • Computing Everywhere
  • The Internet of Things
  • 3-D Printing
  • Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics
  • Context-Rich Systems
  • Smart Machines
  • Cloud/Client Computing
  • Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure
  • Web-Scale IT
  • Risk-Based Security and Self-Protection


DBG Loyalty is a leading innovator in loyalty and rewards marketing. DBG was founded in 2002 because the industry was looking for a trusted technology leader who could develop and establish consumer loyalty programs. DBG has customer relationships which span from the time of inception.

Linda Butcher

Linda Butcher

Linda Butcher is the Chief Business Development Officer at DBG Loyalty, where she heads strategy and sales. Linda has extensive experience in consumer engagement through social media, marketing,
and loyalty solutions.

Linda Butcher

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