Does Video Quality Matter? Video Marketing Strategy 101

Does video quality matter? It appears that we all want to watch. We watch people at home doing nothing, we watch cats, we watch babies … we’ll watch almost anything. But when it comes to video for business and marketing purposes … does video quality matter?

What is your video marketing strategy? - video strategy, DBG Loyalty points and rewards, customer loyaltyHow to Video –

Our thought was to shoot a video about babies, cats, and Christians. Apparently these groups are the top categories on YouTube.

We just shot a video last week.

We went into a studio and used props and commercial-grade video equipment. The studio is easy for several of reasons. The teleprompter is one. Even if your actor knows their lines, the teleprompter is there as a reminder. The lighting, stage and props make it convenient to change the overall look and feel very quickly. The other pro is the ability record in high quality .wav files.  It certainly makes audio editing easier. We also have a green room set up at our office where we shoot with a Mac as well as with smart phones. In general, we don’t see a big difference in engagement. It does depend on your goal and the venue in which your video will be shared.

In our experience, YouTube videos perform the same if shot in a studio vs. one shot with a smart phone. We have found that a video embedded or used as an image with a link has about a 50% higher open rate than an email without a video.

DBG Loyalty, customer loyalty, points and rewards video, YouTube search videoSo, go shoot your video and let me know how it worked out. From our experience, video is a very positive tool whether you shoot it yourself, on a smartphone, or go into a studio. Video strategy and preparation are key.

Remember, that now makes content your most important factor. Your video strategy should not only include set and script preparation, but also well-thought-out content. As far as content goes, there are two types. Again, one of the top categories on YouTube is learning, or the “how-to video.” If your video is not a training video, then you have no choice but to drive an emotion. Deciding on what emotion to target can be a challenge. It isn’t always easy to be funny when you are talking about software. By the same token, it isn’t easy to engage with sincerity, love, gratitude, appreciation, fulfillment, or joy either. Test before you publish. The last thing you want is to think you’re funny if no one else does. A test marketing can provide feedback, but often provides suggestions for follow-up video.

Reach out to me if you have some ideas or share what your company is doing.  What is your video marketing strategy?

Here’s a sample how-to video.

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Linda Butcher

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