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We have said it before, but customer support and the customer experience are the two most important components of your program. Customers don’t always stay brand-loyal. They read reviews, shop trending stores, and buy trending products. What does this mean? It means that the loyalty platform that solves the customer’s issues by creating a meaningful experience, creating ease-of-use, and positioning trending products wins. Being able to execute a solution across devices and all areas of business are a must.

A Fragmented Industry

Think about how fragmented the industry is as a whole. Take the mobile wallet for example. There really isn’t a payment solution which works everywhere for everyone. There probably won’t be one anytime in the near future. 

Card-linked offers showed promise, but haven’t fared well. They aren’t widely accepted, and it doesn’t look like the industry will go to the offers being available everywhere.

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No Global Solution

It isn’t likely that we are going to find global answers to issues like coupons and payment methods.

What solutions can you execute at a global level? The best option for gaining a variety of services which meet the customer’s individual needs is probably through a coalition. Coalitions bring the strength of each brand and marketing capabilities to the table while giving the customer a lot of options. It keeps spending and engagement within the closed system.

A coalition will help promote your products while giving your customers:

1.        A meaningful customer experience.

2.       Social media promotions, which are exploding.

3.       Use of the review to promote your brand.

4.       Mobile access, which is increasing at 100%.

5.       Access to crowd sourcing and sharing.

6.       Promotions available through Geo location.

7.       Access to real-time discounts and a quick purchase.

8.       Flash deals on overstock items.

9.       Blogs and share information.

10.     Ease of use: QR codes aren’t dead, use them, it’s easy.

Always chose technology and partner support which is nimble and flexible. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

There are only a handful of brands in the world which can actually create trends. Even those companies can’t get it right every time. I think it is yet to be determined if Apple can tell us whether or not wearing electronics is cool. Collectively; however, coalitions have a much larger reach. The power is in numbers and leveraging multiple brands may help you retain the brand recognition you are seeking.

DBG Loyalty is a leading innovator in loyalty and rewards marketing. DBG was founded in 2002 because the industry was looking for a trusted technology leader who could develop and establish consumer loyalty programs. DBG has customer relationships which span from the time of inception.

Linda Butcher

Linda Butcher

Linda Butcher is the Chief Business Development Officer at DBG Loyalty, where she heads strategy and sales. Linda has extensive experience in consumer engagement through social media, marketing,
and loyalty solutions.

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