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In today’s business environment, retaining customers is more important than ever. Customers have a myriad of choices, and loyalty to a brand or a store is not always at the top of customers’ minds’.  The customers are savvy and are looking for instant gratification on great deals. They have preferred ways of getting information. They use Facebook, Twitter, mobile and online solutions every day. DBG offers small business solutions that will help you meet your customers’ needs. Small businesses need customer loyalty programs too.

Every Program Needs a Strategy

Companies like Groupon, Walmart, Dollar Store,, Old Navy and Travelocity are there to give your customers discounted rates immediately. To keep up with the instant discount world, your business will need a strategy.
There are four primary considerations for customer engagement and long-term customer loyalty.

Mobile offers and coupons for small business loyalty programs

Small Business Loyalty Program


  • Mobile and Social Engagement
  • Loyalty Program – Points or Cash back
  • Online Engagement
  • Knowing Customers’ Behavior


You don’t have to be a super center. Small to medium size businesses need programs to keep customer engaged. DBG has solutions for all sizes of businesses.

DBG Loyalty’s mobile engagement can be delivered through a mobile app or responsive website. The mobile connection allows messages, coupons, deals and offers to go straight to the customer’s phone or tablet. Customers are significantly more likely to review the message at the time it is sent versus in an email message. Facebook is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers daily. Facebook allows you to post messaging, offers and updates about your business in a non-intrusive way. Facebook and other social media tools fill the need for instant gratification and use. DBG loyalty has solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked. Facebook and Twitter are still the most popular social networks.

Awarding Customers for Good Behavior

Awarding customers for good behavior is the key to retaining them. The number one customer complaint about customer loyalty programs is that customers who signed up never hear a word about the program since originally signing up. As a customer, has this ever happened to you? If a program engages a customer to the point that they sign up, then you have made a successful first step. The next step is to have a strategy for keeping them engaged. Implementing a successful customer loyalty program takes planning and strategy.  DBG Loyalty is a partner who will help you every step of the way. Points should be used for behaviors that drive revenue for your business. Communications and engagement should be regular, daily if the customer opts-in. A preference area will allow customers to tell you how and when they want to receive deals.

A strong online customer loyalty component allows the customers to self-serve. A successful program allows the members to  calculate the number of points to their next elite level or award. They should be striving to get the next benefit from the program. You want them to easily track the awards they have been given. Giving customers point awards for logging in is always a good idea. Once they are on your site, it is a great way to present them messaging and additional offers. A strong online presence should complete the cycle of customer engagement.

Gaining Customer Insight

Gaining insight into your customers’ motivations and behaviors will allow you to strategically plan, budget, and focus on the engagement tools which will give you the best return. DBG Loyalty solutions include a robust, “my account or preference” area where customers can set up preferences for communication, interest, deals and coupons, points calculator and account status.

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DBG Loyalty is a strategic partner for all sizes of business. Creating a program that fits your needs may include a full loyalty program or starting with Facebook and Twitter.  A consultant will help you decide what program is right for your business.

DBG Loyalty is a leading innovator in loyalty and rewards marketing. DBG was founded in 2002 because the industry was looking for a trusted technology leader who could develop and establish consumer loyalty programs. DBG has customer relationships which span from the time of inception.

Linda Butcher

Linda Butcher

Linda Butcher is the Chief Business Development Officer at DBG Loyalty, where she heads strategy and sales. Linda has extensive experience in consumer engagement through social media, marketing,
and loyalty solutions.

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